11 October 2007

Goodbye, Facebook

Hereby I notify the casual readers, who have had the opportunity to meet my endearing and friendly persona on Facebook, that SnoopyTheGoon you have encountered on Facebook pages is no more. He passed away suddenly and without any prior signs of illness on October 7 (the precise time is unknown because he was not closely attended to during that day).

The autopsy has shown that the death was a violent one, the murderer being identified as a Facebook administrator (or administrators, to be investigated). The killer had enough chutzpa to leave a message:

Facebook requires users to provide their real names. Impersonating anyone or anything is prohibited.
Impersonating? I say, does it make any sense to you? Since when it is up to some Facebook administrator to decide which name is real and who is a real person? And how come an entity signing its e-mail as "Rose from Facebook" considers itself more real than SnoopyTheGoon?

And where does this virtual Rose get off hinting that SnoopyTheGoon of Facebook is impersonating SnoopyTheGoon of this here blog?

Apparently this Facebook getup has not experienced yet the wrath of the Elders.

We shall see to it...