17 October 2007

Extroverts vs introverts

I was reading this article on some shortcomings in British NHS (dentistry this time) and stumbled on an original way to express one's feelings about the problem:

Another [patient] in Wiltshire said: "I took most of my teeth out in the shed with pliers. I have one to go."
Mulling on this somewhat extreme way to protest the NHS faults, I also thought that this is taking the definition of "introvert" a bit beyond its limits.

But lo and behold - here comes an Israeli response to the health insurance injustices:

The man in the picture expresses his displeasure by the treatment he received in a hospital.
At a certain point, he took off his underwear and was as naked as the day he was born. Just like that, the man stood in the street for more than ten minutes creating a commotion and completely stopping traffic. In the end, a passerby simply moved him onto the sidewalk...

"This man came to be treated at the hospital," a spokesman for Barzilai said. "After he received treatment at the hospital, he was released. Due to medical confidentiality, we can not divulge details of the man's medical condition, but he is not mentally ill," the hospital representative said.
Now tell me - which one of the above will get more medical attention?

There must be a lesson for the Brits somewhere in this.

P.S. CNN has something to say on the subject too.