12 October 2007

Iran denies its ambassador met Israeli diplomat

This is the latest from Ynet:

An official from Iran's Foreign Ministry denied a report that the nation's ambassador to Chile met briefly with an Israeli diplomat in the capital of Santiago. The official was quoted in the Iranian news agency INSA as saying that "there is no basis to this report" that was published by "Zionist" news agencies.

The supposed meeting took place at the launch of a book about Hashomer Hatzair in Santiago where it was published that Israeli diplomat Moshe Baker met briefly with Kambiz Jalali, the Iranian ambassador to the South American state.
The story that is being denied is so puny and innocent that it hardly merits a mention, let alone such a nervous response:
A senior Israeli diplomat in Santiago, Chile had a surprising encounter several days ago with the Iranian ambassador to the country, at an event launching a book about the history of a Zionist youth group in Chile. Moshe Bachar, who is second in command to the Israeli ambassador, arrived at the Chilean Foreign Ministry for a ceremony celebrating the launch of a book about the "Hashomer Hatzair" movement in Chile.

Apparently, the rumors about a rather sizable wooden crate shipped recently from Santiago to Tehran as diplomatic mail and the newly acquired habit of the Iranian embassy switchboard to inquire "Kambiz who?" when the Ambassador is called for a comment, have not reached Ynet yet...