25 October 2007

The silence of the muzzled

From Norm.

I sometimes wonder if those who talk of being silenced - as, for another example, various spokesfolk against the Iraq war have from time to time talked - actually know what it means to be silenced for one's political opinions.
No matter how frequently you complain about that British art of understatement, it (the understatement) will bite you on some unprotected part of your body.

Well, this is the only case where I can say I have a (doubtful) advantage over Norm. Should I be self-belittling enough to mention that it was by virtue of birth and not a consciously sought and acquired experience? Nah...

Anyway: the muzzled ones have no idea. Not a slightest shadow of understanding of what being silenced means.

Too bad.

P.S. Why do I go on about something that was a rhetoric question anyway?