12 October 2007

Photohunt: Smelly

The subject of this is a bit delicate. Taken to the extreme, it could lead to a serious health hazard, as in this sad story:

A 22-year-old Houston man is charged with murder after the fatal stabbing of his roommate. Investigators say William Antonio Serrano apparently stabbed his roommate to death after the roommate complained that Serrano had smelly feet.
So, minding the health aspects, I have remembered one definitely smelly story, not related to people who could do me in, at least not immediately.

The sheisse incident

It happened in a beautiful US nature park that shall remain unnamed for the reasons you shall soon understand. After a longish walk around the wonders of nature, tired and hot, we were ready to leave the parking lot, when something out of the ordinary caught our attention. A family of four to eight** Germans*, hands protected by anything from latex gloves to regular supermarket plastic bags were stretching a blue plastic hose, connected to the rear end of their RV. Unfortunately, we didn't think at the moment to take a picture.

Exhibit 1: the Dad and the hose

But you can see in Exhibit 1 (follow the red arrow) the hose in its original, unstretched state, held by the Dad (tentative codename).

Guided by short and precise commands issued by Dad, the family connected the other end of the hose to the outlet shown in the next exhibit (circled in red):

Exhibit 2: the outlet

After a short burbling noise from the above mentioned rear end of the RV, the planned transfer of the contents was almost over, but not before Dad verrry carefully disconnected the hose from the rear end and the family upended the remaining substance from Exhibit 1 into Exhibit 2.

Immediately after the successful completion of the act, the cavalry (two park rangers) arrived on the scene. After a few seconds of total inability to issue a word, an unfriendly dialog developed between the lady ranger and the Dad. The gist of the ranger's statement was how could you empty your excrements into the outlet that is not marked for the purpose. The gist of the Dad's defense was we were sure that this is precisely the purpose of the said outlet and for the future you must mark the outlet differently if you don't want ... Toward the end of the argument we took the following picture:

Exhibit 3: the Dad, the RV, the ranger, almost murder

For obvious reasons I had to remove the part of the ranger's body where the expression is usually registered. I can only state that I am absolutely sure that Dad was very lucky that the park rangers usually don't carry side arms.

Well, after a short while, the Germans saddled up and left, and so have we, but not before taking another picture of the grief-stricken rangers looking at the disaster area:

Exhibit 4: the grief

As I have already mentioned, we had encountered the family several times after the Incident, but for some reason never inquired whether the story had a sequel.

As for the nature park in the story: I shall never publicly disclose its name, but if you are health-conscious and intend to visit some parks in US, you can inquire off-line, using the e-mail published on this here blog.

(Of course, I wouldn't tell you, dumkopfs, but it will be nice to get a non-spam e-mail once in a while).

(*) We are calling the family Germans only for the sake of brevity. German-speaking people come from many different countries, we are aware of the fact.
(**) We had encountered this family several times before and after the Incident in other parks, but were never able to count its members reliably.

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