17 October 2007

Syrian officials admit site attacked by Israel nuclear

Ynet came out with this:

Syrian officials have admitted that the site attacked by the Israeli air force last month was a nuclear facility, Yedioth Ahronoth reported Wednesday.

According to the newspaper, three Israeli diplomats present at a recent United Nations Disarmament Commission meeting overheard the Syrian representative clearly say that Israel's attack targeted a nuclear facility.
So, from an empty field via an empty building and an agricultural facility (not bombed at all) we have finally arrived to this. Good.

UN Disarmament Commission could write a commendation letter to IAF.

North Korea can start selling a new nuclear starter kit to Syrians. Their diminutive leader can order a new Porsche.

IAF can open that champagne (probably already did).

Baby Assad can relax. For a while.

Can we all be friends now?

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Update: a translation error (my foot).