30 November 2005

France Upholds Law That Smooths History

Here is a low quality picture of a confused person.

To tell you the truth, the Elders Hasbara department is also confused by all that stink raised in the media about a perfectly sensible step taken by the French Ministry of Finance.

Now you, little anti-French shits seem to be confused. Why Ministry of Finance? Very simple.

French people are very sensitive where counting their sous (sorry, EuroCents) is concerned.

Regarding the history of their behavior in Algeria, they know perfectly well that the 6 million strong team of native historians they already have in place will never let them forget any details. So it makes a perfect economic sense to cut down on the volume of the history schoolbooks.

Also - the less paper, the less trees cut down, so the tree huggers will be happy as well.

See now? So pipe down.

(That one is a bit better, we think)