10 November 2005

Foie gras - another bad hair day

It looks like more and more countries surrender to that green plague. Now it is US that is going down where the poor oppressed geese are concerned.

I am not a very violent person, but I have my own red lines, and some people are overstepping. Here in Israel it has already happened - no more force feeding:

Now it is Chicago.

Tomorrow - the world.

Well, not exactly the world. At least the French know how to stand for what they love.

"France has stood firm. About 80 percent of the world's foie gras comes from France. French lawmakers last month unanimously passed an amendment pronouncing foie gras part of France's cultural heritage."

No pasaran here or whatever they say in cases like this one. I doff my hat.

Another quaint detail is what these tree-huggers do to people who dare to disagree with them:

"A River North restaurant was vandalized hours after its owner testified at a Chicago City Council committee hearing Tuesday against a proposed ban on the sale of foie gras, a delicacy made from the livers of geese and ducks."

At least there are still a few sane people in this mad world:

"Meanwhile, Mayor Richard Daley, who has scoffed at the idea of banning foie gras, was even more critical of the proposal Wednesday, a day after the Health Committee approved the ban in a preliminary vote."So the City Council is going to start (making) lists of things you should not buy?" he asked. "What is the next issue? Chicken? Beef? Fish? Everyone has questions about that."

What next, indeed? It is on a day like this one when I want to don my chinchilla overcoat, crocodile skin boots and mink hat, gorge myself on hormon-filled deep-fried chicken steaks, light a cigar and:


Meanwhile, people, look at this and eat your own livers.

Paris, I am coming!


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SnoopyTheGoon said...

Poetry, Shawn? Wow, man, that's deep.

As a matted of fucked, we need poetry on this here blog like we need piles.

But thanks anyway, pardner...