30 November 2005

Hariri murder suspect rushed to hospital with heart problem

(From Ynet ticker tape):

A former security chief detained in the investigation into Rafik Hariri's assassination was rushed to hospital with a heart problem on Wednesday, Lebanese security officials said.
Major-General Raymond Azar, the former chief of Lebanon's military intelligence, was taken from Roumieh prison to Hotel Dieu hospital in Beirut. (AP)

Seems to be a regular plague among the chief suspects lately. Any conclusions?

Nah, too early. Two out of what? Seven, ten? Let's wait...


Anonymous said...

The Zionist Israeli pigdog Jew entities did it with the same Zionist rays they used to infect Arafat and kill him. This guy will not last.

They did it because they were behind the Harare murder ... sorry was this Lebanon? Hariri - I drifted out to Africa for a second - and they do not want Azar to let on.

Send lawyers, guns and money.