10 November 2005

Abu Safam is Da Man!!!

Well, the eternal #2 has done it again. Why the hell bother people to vote at all? Even competing with himself, he will get to the second place. Time for a graceful retirement, laddy.

Anyway, the Labor party in Israel has a new boss, and let's wait and see.
Yes, we know he is a bit of a demagogue and yes, he does not have a ministerial experience and yes, he is a populist and that could be dangerous and yes, he is not experienced in international politics and blah blah blah blah...

Yes, and do you know what - I say it is time to shake up that nest of lazy worms who are too old and too corrupted to do anything unorthodox. Let Peretz rule!

Well, at least for a while.

Besides, what could be nicer than the loser that doesn't know when to quit accepting condolences from a loser that doesn't even understand that he is a loser?

* Abu Safam - in a mix of Arabic and Hebrew - the Mustached One