28 November 2005

The ideas interview: Jacqueline Rose

There is never a dull moment with Guardian Unlimited. Now they have unearthed that valiant Jewish fighter against Zionism - Prof. Jacqueline Rose. Under a very intriguing header, too - "The ideas interview".

After looking at the body of work of the excellent prof, the Elders decided the heck with the body and went to look at that handy manual to the Anti-Zionists.

It does not take long to classify Ms. Rose as a typical SSJ (Self Serving Jew). Just another one of the pathetic cases for whom the mere existence of the State of Israel is a single disturbing speck on the pure blue and pink glass cover of their protected lives. SSJs just cannot abide that speck. Are they anal? No, she is the expert here, so she should answer this one.

In any case, we are very intrigued by the possibility of being analysed. I have that uncontrollable twitch in my left eyebrow when the word "effluvium" is used near me. GideonSwort goes berserk when somebody tries to wash his feet unasked. TheMaiden gets her whole body covered by violet blotches seeing babies under 9 months old. KalamozooKid has that unbearable urge to spit from any place higher than 7.5 m.

Well, we hope that the sessions will commence as soon as possible and see the bright speckless future that awaits us.

One more thing. In that interview, the esteemed prof says:

'The decisive moment was in 1980, when I visited Israel for the first time and met Dima Habash on the plane on the way there."

"We went to visit Dima in Ramallah where her mother was running a United Nations relief operation for young Arabs. A whole crowd of girls rushed up to us, all in blue overalls, all incredibly excited that we foreigners were there. They were overjoyed to see us. Then they smiled and their teeth were rotten. There was no dentistry in the refugee camps. That was like a political education in a split second and it's never left me. It still gives me shivers when I talk about it."

Ah, well. To fly all that distance and to take all these risks to see the lack of dentistry that is quite obvious in your native country? Come on.