17 November 2005

Indonesia video warning on terror

That article is a treasure trove of information. On the other hand, it gets you dizzy when trying to figure out some of its heroes. Such as that bloke Noordin Mohamad Top.

'"You will be the target of our next attack," he said, pointing his finger at the camera. '

It is known to be bad PR to threaten the media people. Who will want to film you then?

"Our enemy is America, Australia, England and Italy," the man said...

I dig the first three. WASPs and all that. But Italy? Come on, man, I don't like pasta too and the prices in Rome or Venice are pure murder, but Italy? Maybe he means Canada?

Now to his partner, the one who blew himself up - Azahari bin Husin.

" When police approached the house on Wednesday November 9, a shootout ensued before authorities heard a series of explosions from inside."

If one decided to become a martyr, why not wait a little and blow up a few imperilaist/Zionist lackey dogs as well? This is what we call premature discharge...

"About 30 bombs were found in the home..."

Why not blow them all up? Bigger bang - bigger fame. Ah, well... These inconsistencies could be explained, I think, if one looks at this guy's CV:

"Azahari studied mechanical engineering at Adelaide University in Australia before getting a doctorate in property valuation from Reading University in England in 1990. He was a university professor before reportedly joining Jemaah Islamiyah."

That's one mixed-up puppy. All this WASP education got to his head obviously. Osama must take a closer look at his HR department, they are slipping.

P.S. A memo to the props department, Elders regional HQ:

Chaim, you must do better on the ski masks. One can easily see that wart over Moshe's right eye here:


GideonSwort said...

"Our enemy is America, Australia, England and Italy," the man said...

Huge cockup here Goon, HUGE cockup. The lame twit didn't refer even once to the Zionist entity.

Now how convincing can that threat be? Eh!

Forget about Haim and the mask, this fuckup is bigger than that New Zealand passport debacle. Was Haim in on that one too?