11 November 2005

SimplyJews welcomes new olim

So it looks like the world's leading intellectual might make aliyah - welcome home Noam.

Would you like to live anywhere else other than the United States?

"I came pretty close to living in Israel. I did live there for a while, in fact. If I went somewhere else, which I don't expect to do, it's possible [it could be Israel]."

You had an experience on a kibbutz, didn't you?

"Briefly. We were intending to go back, my wife went back for a longer period - Kibbutz Hazorea, back in the `50s. It's quite different now from what it was then. Back then it was quite a different place."

But it was a disappointment, wasn't it?

"No, I loved it. I mean I couldn't stand the ideological atmosphere, but for different reasons than today. I mean at that time, it was super Stalinized. I was there right at the time of the trials, the last of Stalin's trials, which were a whole anti-Semitic thing. They were all defending him. I mean, there's a kibbutz shaliach [envoy] here - he was one of the leading figures in the trial, and you know the kibbutz movement is sort of a family, they all knew each other and they all knew the charges were completely fabricated. But they were defending the trial! Anyway, it's a very different place now."


SnoopyTheGoon said...

"Anyway, it's a very different place now."

You bet. Now that Elders use us for hasbara purposes only, we sure could find a job for one anarcho-syndicalist motormouth with such impeccable intellectual credentials.

One that so easily ignores any facts inconvenient to his Hasbara, is worth his weight in gold (oh, these pure shiny gold nuggets of the Elders!) to us.