29 November 2005

Gigi apologizes.

That stray brother of Shimeon Peres apologized today via the same radio channel (Reshet Bet) that translated his eruptions of racist shit yesterday.

Since we did not hear the above mentioned apologies, but know about the IQ of the family, it most probably sounded like this:

"Yesterday I have said that they [Peretz' people] were the Falangists who came from southern Spain, who came to infiltrate as a fifth column into Madrid, and destroyed the magnificent republic".

"My mistake and mea culpa. I meant northern Spain, of course".

Gigi - the yesterday's order re fucking yourself and avoiding interviews was not rescinded. Back to your lair, please, and do not show your face in public places.

That was the face - again. Please avoid at any costs, it may be contagious.