20 November 2005


There is that comedian - Kurt Nimmo's the name, who got a serious glandular problem, we think.

He posted in one of our favourite media outlets - Indymedia (UK branch) the following scoop:

The Radisson SAS is a Scandinavian chain and owned by Palestinian-Jordanians.The Radisson SAS was bombed by Mossad because it was considered a Palestinian target—and because blame could be pinned on the mythical al-Zarqawi.

Oh, man here you got it all wrong. Why should we (the Elders) try to blow up a few insignificant revellers, when we could have easily raze the whole shebang? After all, you yourself ascribe to us 9/11, Bali, etc.?

And why would we leave that underexploded gal (sorry, widow) alive to blubber all over the TV networks? Just not out style, you know it.

I mean, come on, be serious. Give the Elders their due. We cannot be responsible for that little Jordanian putz Zarqawi who cannot teach his dumbo operatives to get an address right.

And of course, take it as a given - unlike Zarqawi we would not apologize after a mistake. No way, Hoze.

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