04 November 2005

Tenth anniversary of Yitzhak Rabin's murder

It is already ten years since a leader of our nation was murdered by a piece of human refuse.

I will not dirty my fingers putting the name of the murderer here. The best would be for all of us to forget his name forever, letting him rot away his remaining days in his cell in anonymity.

The messianic idiocy and hatred of this creature was fed and nourished by some people whom I would happily shove in the same cell, keys forgotten forever in some bureaucrat's table.

Our complacency and apathy led to this, our blindness and our genetic "yihie beseder" - "everything will be OK, no worries".

And our lemming-like adherence to freedom of speech, no matter how hateful and inciting.

Sticks and stones, indeed...


an ant on the move said...

nice post, and its good you didnt mention that guy's name. but he is present in each country, and i guess its he who holds us perenially in conflict.
Rabin was one person whose death really hurt around the world, and surely in india too.