22 November 2005

The Good, the Bad and the UN

From the Haaretz article:

The essence of the story

At least four Hezbollah gunmen were killed on Monday trying to kidnap soldiers from IDF outposts on the Lebanese border, and seven soldiers and four civilians were wounded in the series of clashes.

The development

Hezbollah gunmen launched simultaneous attacks on several areas along the northern border, beginning at about 2:45 p.m. At first, apparently as a diversion, artillery fire hit IDF bases at Har Dov. There were no injuries. In addition, a farmer was shot at in a field near Metula

Near the central Har Dov post Gladiola, under the cover of the shelling, two Hezbollah gunmen infiltrated very close to the base.

A number of Hezbollah cells, traveling to the village on dirt bikes and all-terrain vehicles, infiltrated the village of Ghajar, part of which is inside Israeli territory.

Sounds simple? Nope.

The commentary

... Hezbollah blamed Israel Monday for the escalation. A senior member of the organization, Hassan Az a-Din, told Lebanese television that Lebanon faces a "planned Israeli attack," which Sharon initiated in order to extract himself from his internal political difficulties.

The UN Security Council, meanwhile, failed on Monday to agree on how to condemn the violence, mainly because of disputes between the United States and Algeria, diplomats said.

After several hours of negotiations, Security Council members gave up trying to amend a statement, drafted by France, that would have condemned "military exchanges initiated by Hezbollah" as well as "Israeli violations of Lebanese airspace."

The United States wanted the reference to Israel deleted and Algeria, the only Arab member of the council, objected to putting the blame on Hezbollah, according to participants at the consultations.

So - what else is new?

The Unbelievable Nincompoops strike (out) again.


TonyGuitar said...

There has been a crimp in the UN Oil for Food Scandal. The next scam is a beauty. Have you heard? The UN has formally applied for $2 billion for upgrading and refurbishing.

Yes, I distinctly heard two billion on the CBC news. That is clearly not the same as two million. The news reader may have made an error of course.

In any case, did you know there is a propsed alternate new organization for the greedy, indecisive and corrupt United Nations?

United Democratic Nations or UDN is the name. Check the page in Wikipedia.
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