02 November 2005

Bomb shakes two British offices in Tehran

From a Science Daily article:

TEHRAN, Nov. 2 (UPI) -- Two British businesses were targeted in a bombing in a Tehran office building Wednesday, but no one was injured.

Police said the device detonated on the 10th floor of an office block outside the offices of British Airways and British Petroleum, ITN reported.

Strange, that. Seems that the hotheads that listen too much to their Pres and decided to act on his preachings do not distinguish between the Big Satan and its relatively benign cousins.

Just to make sure that does not happen again, a short guide with samples of the subject matter is attached:

I - h
ow to deal with business

1. A British company:

When you see it - buy it.

2. A Big Satan company:

When you see it - blow it up.

II - how to deal with people

1. A British person

You are allowed to kiss him (twice), but in no circumstances offer him beer.

2. A Big Satan person

When you see him - show him a beer to get closer to him, and then blow him up. Do not open the beer - it can be reused for the next one!