13 November 2005

Elders say NO!

Our ancient search engine that predates the appearance of the first Hollerit machine and, as a matter of fact, the very thought about any kind of machine, came up today with a startling discovery: we may have competitors!

Granted, not very significant ones, but definitely trying to muscle in on our act.

"Serving lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender elders age 60 and over, New Leaf Outreach to Elders (formerly Gay and Lesbian Outreach to Elders or GLOE) provides a range of senior social services promoting independent living and improving quality of life."

Now this is quite a bit of chutzpah, we say! We are a tightly knit family and do not bother our heads with a bit of mono-, bi-, tri- etc. shmoozing here and there. We do not need some late-comer sorority to take care of our sex life.

As a matter of fact, our Boss of Bosses (we call him Bibi affectionately) is himself, how to say it, what a bigot would call "not exactly straight". Simply put, a feigale.

So, shayne buchers and meidalech and all the in between - take your Outreach and stick it, thanks but no thanks. And be careful with this "Elders" word, remember - we are watching, and our arm is long and merciless.


GideonSwort said...

I say, we're taking care of our own feigalch thank you very much; Barbara Streisand has been their representative in the higher council for the past four decades.