27 November 2005

Cloning Einstein and Jesus?

BBC is not a very quick network, but solid.

Why have we decided to mention this? Who the heck knows? It is Sunday, after all, and for us here it is an equivalent of Monday that you, no good lazy...er, no, we have already made that one clear. Anyway, it is Sunday. OK?

So BBC decided to come out with a scoop. Two years ago or so.

"A thousand people were asked who, out of Einstein, Jesus, Elvis Presley and Mozart, they would clone for the good of mankind. And 22% of them voted for the crazy-haired scientist, compared to 12% for Christ. Some people chose more than one person."

We are glad to see that of the four candidates two are clearly Jewish, the third thought not, but was outed lately and even the fourth has had some suspicious dealings with obvious Zionists.

So there are two things Elders would like to make crystal clear, now that we control the world and the need for discretion is no more.

  1. The mere list of the candidates should make it clear who is calling the shots, who is the head honcho, the top dog, the big cheese, the Big Boss (may his name be whispered only).
  2. Now, if you in your childish mental virginity still think that there is no other way to deal with procreation than using that good old one here:

think again. Especially when somebody coughs or sneezes near your old lady

Then look at this and THINK!

P.S. Notice these two Bs in BBC?