06 November 2005

Greetings from the Soviet Union

You shlep all the way over here to eretz Israel from some Stalinist hellhole and it turns out you took a wrong turning somewhere round Havana and wound up up right where you started.
All those Russian newspapers they sell on Allenby should have given me a clue:

Israeli Bolshevik dictator Arik Sharon and his cowardly puppet Defense Minister, Shaul Mofaz, announced that they would immediately send in the Israeli army to forcibly remove the Hilltop Youth and to destroy their outposts. Sharon, Mofaz and the Bolshevik Israeli army commanders were confident that this would be easy after their successful expulsion of 10,000 Jews from the Gaza District and northern Samaria this summer.


A new reader writes:
Most people will take it at face value because you do not tell them otherwise, and because there are a lot of people who really think that way about Sharon. Remember - people who get to your blog are clueless. They don't know who you are and have no idea if you have a sense of humor. Most people do not have a sense of humor - especially not real fanatics of different kinds.

Thank you for the warning.

Public service announcement: We are applying to the Groucho Marx Institute of Jewish Humor for a kashrut certificate, whcih will be prominently displayed on the blog just as soon as we receive it.


SnoopyTheGoon said...

Argh! These JTF psychos deserve all the best: the best padded rooms, the best and most visiouc male nurses, the best sticks and the best stones applied to their bony heads. I have to call upon the good services of the Yiddish dictionary.

Here are some (and not limited to) names that apply to them:

- Klutzes
- Khazers
- Yolds
- Fortzs
- Farbiseners
- Mishigasen
- Paskudnyaks (of course)
- ... etc.

And some specials on my wishlist for them:

- Eyn imglik iz far im veynik.
- Azoy fil ritzinoyl zol er oystrinkn.
- Shteyner af zayne beyner.
- Trinkn zoln im piavkes.
- Fransn zol esn zayn layb.
- ... enough for now, must leave something for the next time...

Next, please!

Anonymous said...

The Enemy is listening, keep the code words coded, fershteist?

Medaft nisht redn bedem goyem...

Tzu borshch darf men kin tzeiner haben...

A kranker vot gezunt veorn, a shiker vot zich oisnichtern, aber a nar vot blyiben a nar.