07 November 2005

Demonizing them.

In this piece from Ananova:

Cat gets plane to itself

Czech Airlines had to fly a cat home on an empty plane after the animal escaped from the cargo hold.

Workers could not find the cat and officials judged it was too dangerous to allow the passengers back on board.

The airline was forced to cancel the flight from Frankfurt to Prague after technicians failed to catch the runaway cat which was hidden somewhere on the plane.

Czech Airlines spokeswoman Jitka Novotna said the plane returned to Prague with just the crew and the cat on board, before the cargo hold was dismantled and the cat was finally removed.

A typical example of demonizing a people, if I ever seen one. What do these assholes have against cats, for cat’s sake?

It is not like the cat was carrying a machine gun or a bomb. Or, god forbid, was smoking a cigar in the plane’s toilet. Ach, the sheer depravity of these “officials”!

Look at this:

And then look at this:

Whom would you prefer on the plane in the seat next to you?


GideonSwort said...

So, what's our Prague operative up to? Was that the operation to Czech the Airlines security? Or did our feline Khatula place a tracking device on board?

SnoopyTheGoon said...

Any links between the feline population of Europe and the Elders operations dept. are supposed to be denied.

KalamazooKid said...

They've been sleepers since Moishe implanted them into the Egyptian belief system.

GideonSwort said...

Moishe, now there's an Elder for you. One of the Eldest Elders. A true Zionist, was he. That stick shtick though, the dude really lost it… Tourettes Syndrome - he's the first to use Mary Jane as a viable treatment.

Anonymous said...

Personally between choosing between a drunk redneck/german football fan and Shraga, will take the drunk foot ball fan anytime. At least more chances to keep my airplane chicken intact.

hakmao said...

You will obey - hand over the chicken!