25 November 2005

Churchill to Journalist: Consider Yourself Warned

This is an amazing report on an exchange of letters between Ward Churchill and Grant Crowell.

Ward Churchil, he of the "little Eichmanns" dubious fame, of dubious Indian ethnicity, of dubious scientific merit, is threatening Grant Crowell, a journalist, re his future publishing of Churchill's speeches. Amazing by itself.

What amazed me more, that even in his insults Churchil is stealing ideas. That Walking Eagle (an eagle that cannot fly cause it is too full of shit) moniker was applied to Churchil himself some time ago. The man is so pathetic that a tapeworm looks like an Indian warrior in comparison.

He is being sued by several parties for plagiarism, rejected by Indian tribes as a fake, uses freedom of speech for notoriety to sell his scandalous fame to students. What next?

We cannot resist the temptation to quote from that article by Matt Labash again:

I ask him what he thinks of Churchill's Indian name, which is "Keezjunnahbeh," meaning "kind-hearted man."
Neconie shrugs. He hadn't heard of it. "But Bay Area Indians, we have our own name for him. We just call him Walking Eagle."
"Why?" I ask.
"Because," says Neconie, gathering up his placards, "a Walking Eagle is so full of s--that it can no longer fly."

Hat tip to LGF for the link to the article.