06 November 2005

Mother of the vermin

No, we are not revengeful and no, parents or children or any other relatives of any criminal should not suffer because their kin committed a crime.

But what if the mother of a criminal provides moral support to her monstrous son? What if the said mother brainwashes children some inattentive parents left in her tender care?

Well, we are talking about the mother of one specific monster – the vermin who murdered Rabin. It looks like in this case the apple matches the apple tree and that the mother was one of the people who are directly responsible for the crime.

Moreover, the vermin’s mother was managing a kindergarten for almost 40 years. Who knows what kind of poisoned fruit this kindergarten bears? Just a sample of the slogans the lady in question feeds her parish: “The people who approved Oslo accords should be hanged from a high tree”.

Only now, ten years after the murder, the authorities found the guts to cope with the challenge and, after most of the parents have taken their children away, decided to close the kindergarten.

Well, better late than never.


Anonymous said...

Vermin are born to vermin. This however is a cold blooded viper that suckled her offspring on poison. She feeds on hate, and will be consumed by it.