02 November 2005

On-line media hacks

Australia issues a terror threat

Said the headline this morning in CNN I-net edition.

Well, as usual, my morning coffee takes its time reaching the old grey cells. Eventually it downed on me that the Aussies, probably, have seen the light and decided to join the right side.

More coffee, and then an updated headline:

Howard warns of new terror threat

Aha! So, after all, these mad buggers decided to tone it down a bit. Or what?

Focking hell. After all, English is not my first language and all that confusion could really scramble my brain. Whatever remains of it.

What next, CNN?


Anonymous said...

Don't swear. And don't make silly self-conscious excuses for swearing either.

SnoopyTheGoon said...

" Don't swear."

See item 2 in the Charter

"And don't make silly self-conscious excuses for swearing either."

Self-conscious my foot. We are barely half-conscious most of the time here.

Don't be anonymous, man(woman)! Get yourself a handle, at least!