29 November 2005

A fable for the children of Gaza.

Dear children!

This is the story originally told by Uncle Conan. He is generally an infidel and works for an infidel paper named Guardian from an infidel country named United Kingdom.

We (the Elders) have decided to tell the story again, this time with pictures - to make it interesting to you. Since the story is directly related to you, children...

In a zoo that was opened not a long time ago in Gaza City, there were two lions: a boy lion (cub) Sakher and his girl sister Sabrina. Sakher and Sabrina naturally love each other and spend their days playing:

Discussing all kind of stuff:

And generally making children happy - see happy children:

It so happened that there are some not so good people in Gaza City (Uncle Conan calls them "armed men") . These armed men are, probably, not as big and scary as this one:

But neither are they as small and nice as these ones:

Probably, the armed men look like this:

Anyway, these not so good armed men "took Sabrina and two Arabic-speaking parrots". Why didn't they take any other parrots, we'll probably never know, but maybe it was done to confuse the good brave policemen who are looking for them all over the place.

Uncle Conan adds also: "They also tried to abduct Sakher but, despite being little bigger than a labrador, he managed to scare them off".

What does that tell us? That the little Sakher has a bid brave heart. Right? It also tells us that, maybe, the armed men were not so brave, after all, and maybe not Arab at all...

In any case, poor little Sakher is in grief. He is lying "listless and disinterested".

Listless means that Sakher is not doing anything, only thinking about his little sister Sabrina:

Children! The picture above appears in the fable by mistake, it came from another book about another Sabrina. Please disregard it!

Here is how deep is Sakher's grief:

Moreover, he is neither eating nor drinking, and if Sabrina is not returned to him quickly, he will become small and withered like this:

He may die if his little sis is not back soon! So, children, the good uncle Saud Sawar, the director of the zoo, has offered a reward of £550 for information leading to the return of the animals!

£550 is a lot of candies, boys and girls, so start lookin for Sabrina and the parrots.

Now, regarding the parrots, Uncle Conan says:

According to Uncle Saud, the "armed men" must have had inside knowledge as they picked the zoo's only speaking parrots.

Which, maybe, is not clear enough for Uncle Conan (him being an infidel and all this), but it is clear to us now - these parrots are the ones who sold Sabrina down the river. Right, children?

In any case, children, you must do everything to find Sabrina real quick. Look what Uncle Conan says:

"As yet, however, the Israeli army has not become involved in the lionhunt."

Well, between you and we, children, this is an infidel's way to say: better find Sabrina soon, or these big bad Jews with their tanks and flying machines will come and bomb the shit out of Gaza City. And we don't want this to happen, do we?

And the last advice from your Elders: do not take any candies from any stranger, even if he says that he is Uncle Saud and came to pay you for finding Sabrina. Take the money only. And run!