27 September 2007

Yes, who is this Avram Grant fellow?

Both Haaretz and JP are indignant about the generally negative reaction of British football fans and commentators to the appointment of Avram Grant as new Chelsea manager.

Israeli soccer fans and their British counterparts were equally amazed by Avraham Grant's appointment to coach Chelsea.
Me too, me too, and I am neither an Israeli soccer fan nor a British "counterpart"...

Sport is not under my personal supervision as part of my Elder's duties, but I know for a fact that the Elders have never even considered this act of cruelty on poor British fans. There are some limits, you know. So, what are Israeli newspapers foaming about is a mystery to me. Take this fairly subdued response:
And former Conservative government minister, the outspoken Chelsea fan David Mellor, spewed that the appointment was "laughable, risible, completely and utterly stupid."
So, what is the big deal? Why has the Haaretz hack decided to dig into Mellor's past?
It may merit mentioning that Mellor had to leave his governmental post after barely surviving two public scandals. One involved adultery: The minister was said to have had extramarital sex with a television actress, whom he reportedly instructed to wear a Chelsea t-shirt while engaging in intercourse with him.
If Haaretz decided to leave you under impression that Mellor is not qualified, I am sure you can see through this attempt: the fact that Mellor insisted on his partner wearing that t-shirt is proof of his deep understanding of the game.

I don't know what is this fuss all about, really. Clearly that Jewish oligarch, Abramovich, decided that his way to the Elders' fame is through ruining the British football. Somebody has to tell him that a) there is no need, it was already done many years ago and b) this is not the way in any case.

And calm down, all of you.