18 September 2007

Read this and... what?

From this post by JudeoPundit:

But the flood-victims directed attention to protecting the portraits of President Kim Il Sung and Kim Jong Il than their families.

Among such people are peasant of the Jongdong Co-op Farm in Phyonggang County Cha Hyang Mi who handed over portraits to rescuers and went to the bottom of the torrent water, peasant of the same farm Pak Jong Ryol who lost his wife and child by landslide but saved the portraits and worker of the Ichon Foodstuff Factory Kang Hyong Gwon who firmly took portraits in his hands in flood though his five-year-old daughter slipped down from his back.
What is it you would like to do now? Tear apart that malodorous little parody of a human being, this sack of excrement called Kim Jong Il? Drag him behind a horse through the streets and roads of North Korea? Subject him to tortures so far unseen in the history of this globe?

Fine with me, just do not forget to invite me to the party. But...

But what do you plan to do with a few millions of his apparatchiks, enforcers, propagandists, labor camp guards, stool pigeons, officers, judges, executors, ....?

And what is it you suggest to do with the millions brainwashed to the state where they genuinely believe that they must save the portrait of the vermin rather than their own children?