09 September 2007

Livingstone is a what?

The Sun reports on some strange goings-on in London in a strange way:

A double-decker is driven through London’s streets yesterday — carrying an obscene jibe about Mayor Ken Livingstone on its roof. Office staff roared with laugher on reading “Livingstone is a c***!” in 3ft-high letters.
First of all, The Sun should be more precise and not leave its readers guessing. Then, it should not aggravate the high blood pressure segment of its readers by a picture that deepens the mystery even more:

Now we already know that Livingstone is not simply a c***, he is a c**t. But here it stops. Now, I ask you, is it fair to tease the readers in this manner?

And this picture of Red Ken does not help a lot:

Truly a barf-inducing mugshot of a politico ingratiating himself with the viewer, and I have a lot of words that match the situation. But c**t?

Input from the British readers is urgently required.

P.S. And that "roared with laugher" needs sorting out as well.