13 September 2007

Where neocons come from

I always knew (felt, intuited, whatever) that we, the males of the species, are being judged quite harshly by the better gender. And, knowing my place in the general picture, I have always accepted the judgment and the consequences. This time, however (this is about neocons):

Does it have something to do with a midlife panic over masculinity and mortality? These are, after all, men of a certain age, and they did seem to find Bush's shock and awe disproportionately exciting.
The author in this case (one Decca Aitkenhead) is, probably due to her youth and innocence, coming to a rush conclusion. From the (low) point of my advanced age, Decca, I can tell you for free that being forced to choose between sex, "shock and awe" and a good dinner (drinks included, please) I shall invariably and immediately go for the third (left to right, mind you) option. So would most people of my generation, with the minority preferring the first one.

I suggest to look for another reason. And it is not ecstasy, rest assured.

P.S. Being a sexist pig (residual) , I strongly advise to look Decca Aitkenhead up in Google Images. Yep.

to George S.