20 September 2007

Netanyahu - stupid enough to be dangerous?

Bibi proves again that every minute he spends while not seated in the PM's armchair is a minute dedicated to his election campaign. And that it does not matter to him where and how he gathers brownie points.

In the first confirmation that Israel operated over Syria two weeks ago, opposition leader and former prime minister Binyamin Netanyahu said Wednesday that he congratulated Prime Minister Ehud Olmert following the alleged airstrike of a nuclear installation in northern Syria on September 6.
Which was an appetizer for the main course:
Speaking during a live interview on Channel 1 news, Netanyahu said that he was "part of the matter from the beginning" and that he knew to separate matters of national security from politics.
Of course, knowing to separate himself from the failures and share the glory of successes is a mandatory skill of a politico. However, this time (and it is not the first) Bibi went a bit too far in his zeal to promote Bibi.

This quote from Eitan Cabel
I have no idea if this is stupidity, foolishness, an attempt to jump on the bandwagon…to steal credit, or whatever else.
suffers from unnecessary nitpicking. All of them, Mr Cabel, all of them, including the whatever else...