09 September 2007

A pecking order among the dispossessed and the rhetoric of bias

Upon reading a new opus by Pilger or Fisk, one could simply dismiss it as a usual load of anti-Israeli drivel and forget it. On the other hand, some would lap it up as their daily saucer of milk that helps to strengthen their beliefs and helps to climb the ladder to their high moral ground.

Howard Jacobson does not choose the easy way and the result is a surgery of both Pilger and Fisk in a beautifully written article.

There is only one remark I have. It is about this passage:

Jews are not included in Robert Fisk's examples of the sad, the pitiful and the courageous. Poles, Germans, Palestinians, but not Jews. I don't say the omission is deliberate.
Ach, Howard, you are way too good-hearted...