07 September 2007

More on football

It may not seem so at first sight, but this really is about football. After the previous idol of British footie fans and British girls departed to the US of A to contribute to the mediocre level of the game there and pick up a few bucks at the same time, Brits have decided that they need a replacement urgently. And here he is:

Peter Crouch has become an unlikely sex symbol on networking website Facebook. Fans of the 6ft 7in Liverpool and England Footballer set up a group devoted to him called Crouch Is A Sex God, reports The Sun.
But the new sex star is not just a pretty face. Far from it, he is a football strategic thinker of a highest order, as you shall understand after reading the whole article. Here it comes:
The striker, 26, also reckons his club team-mates should all grow goatee beards like their boss Rafa Benitez. He said: "They should bring them back. The whole Liverpool team should have them. The manager's started it off with his little goatee."
I am sure that goatees could bring the British football back to the top from the ignominy it is so deeply in for the last... er... too many years to count already. Just look at this Crouch-M version (Crouch - Modified):

If this doesn't make the English team's adversaries jittery, I don't know what possibly could...