30 September 2007

The scoop of the century

President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, aka Ahmydinnerjacket, said yesterday...

What, are you out of your tiny minds? Who cares what this monkey said? This is not a scoop, besides. He spews the same old crap for years.

This could be a scoop, though:

An orangutan who objected to having its photograph taken by a French tourist snatched her backpack before ripping off her trousers.
But before you get your hopes too high, here is a letdown:
The woman, known only as Odile, was taking photographs of a female orangutan named Delima in a Malaysian wildlife centre when the ape took offence.
So, calm down and straighten your knickers.

This li'l darling is not a monkey, though, she's an ape and higher on the evolution ladder.

Scratches better, too.

So no scoops, then... A quiet century all around...