24 September 2007

Jabba Usmanov vs blogosphere

"Alisher Usmanov? WTF (Who That Fellow is)?", you may ask, and it is your inalienable right. I was asking the same question too until today, to be precise, I wasn't asking any such question since I knew fuck all about the subject.

Now I know more than I care, I am afraid, all thanks to Jams, one of my favorite bloggers. I also have seen the mugshot:

No, of course, the exterior of the person does not have anything to do with his/her character. Some of my best friends are of portly persuasion, myself inc... oh well, let's keep it for another post.

Anyway, this creep and his brave shysters are going all guns blazing (or, rather, all sleaze-bags open) for a few bloggers, and this by itself is enough to dislike him even if he looked like an angel. Which he is definitely not.

Anyway, the unbearable ease of legal actions against bloggers is definitely pissing me off.

Down with Usmanov!

Leave the bloggers alone!



Anonymous said...

а все таки: восхитительно. а82ч