14 September 2007

A very expensive condom

I don't follow the Guinness book of records, but this one is promising:

A citizen of Moscow is suing one of the capital's breweries for 50 million rubles [about $2.5M] after discovering a condom in a sealed bottle of beer.

According to the lawyer Stalina* Gurevich, representing the interests of the plaintiff, in August 2006 Mr Pavlov bought a case of beer in the store. In one of the bottles he has discovered a condom and its packaging**. According to the lawyer, in the opinion of experts who conducted the case analysis, "the foreign objects got into the beer bottle at the company." "The customer has sustained a severe mental injury and cannot consume any factory-produced drinks(***) for fear that they may contain foreign objects and poison. He asked for help from a psychologist and now undergoes a course of psychotherapy, "said Gurevich.
(*) A female derivative from Stalin
(**) The article does not disclose whether the condom was in or out of its packaging
(***) Which situation definitely puts Mr Pavlov's life in jeopardy and I commiserate with him