26 September 2007

Chilean attack or malodorous aliens

Alerting the UFOlogists crew to this story:

"We thought the Chileans were attacking," Junquilla, 53, recalled Thursday, referring to Peru's historic rival, Chile. "That's what everyone was saying. It was very loud."
Townsfolk in this desolate, high-plains hamlet not far from Lake Titicaca and the Bolivian border received the shock of their lives — a meteorite that struck with a thunderous bang just before noon Saturday, leaving a deep crater, an acrid smell and terrified villagers and livestock.
The incident took on a magical-realism feel out of a Gabriel García Márquez tale as residents reported strange illnesses and revolting odors, while repeating rumors of a military attack, radiation or a celestial rain of gold.
Oh well, no one promised that the E.T.s will smell good. Just think how we may smell to them...

Whatever hides on the bottom of this crater is quite sizable, and the explanation about the source of the odors is a bit of a rush job:
The pungent odor, experts say, could have been caused when the crashing object fused with such elements as sulphur found in the earth.
Should be checked more closely, but there could be a problem in the near future for the boffins:
"Now that various experts from Japan and other countries have assured us there is nothing bad, we have decided this belongs to us," said Benito Mosaja Pari, 56, who called himself the village lieutenant governor. "We're going to dig it out. The scientists tell us this was part of a world that fell apart. It has some value. And now it's ours."
Them local folks surely do know where their interests are...