05 September 2007

Idle thoughts

Reading this post by Norm on cricket:

All through the cricket had been keen and thrilling, but the climax was remarkable, Cowdrey having to go in with a broken bone in his arm...
(Here Norm is quoting somebody, I understand). Being idle for the moment (waiting for a Cabernet Sauvignon bottle to breath its last breaths), this quote got me into a totally lazy chain of illogic.

There must be some connection between the location of people's place of habitat and the speed and passion* involved in their favorite sport. You could, I imagine, be keen for cricket and even find it thrilling, but you must be located way to the north of the Mediterranean basin then.

For a red-blooded inhabitant of Levant cricket is an equivalent of watching the corn grow somewhere in Kansas. Which simple logic brings up another issue: what is the favorite sport of people living around and beyond the Arctic Circle? What is, indeed, slow and tedious enough to suit the Northerners' temperaments? So far, I am unable to find a fitting occupation. Aside of ice fishing, that is.

Any ideas?

(*) Passion, upon second thought, is not a criteria. People, if you judge by the discussions of cricket on Norm's place, could be just as passionate about it as other people are about football. Or as yet another group of people is passionate about ice fishing.

Yeah, well, the wine is ready by now, I think...