23 September 2007


That's an easy job to coin a new term based on Fisk and his body of work. How would you call that obsession of this luminary with Israel? If you count his articles in Indy, the percentage of the ones mentioning Israel (of course, in a negative way) will be not very far from 99.

In his latest opus on the murder of Antoine Ghanem (so far he did not blame Israel for this one), his obsession was expressed so transparently:

Lebanon is not a democracy in our Western sense of the word. Nor, for that matter, is Israel.
After I have encountered Fisk, that term "chosen people" got a completely new meaning for me.

It takes a very determined dog to make the goal of delivering a knee bite to a specific person his life work. But some people are not immune to obsessions.

Nor, for that matter, is Fisk.