29 September 2007

Some other Sukkot miracles

The first one of note happened in Bnei Brak (where else when Jerusalemites are asleep?):

A 14-month-old baby from Bnei Brak was lightly injured Thursday when he fell from a third floor apartment window onto a sukkah, Yedioth Ahronoth reported. The sukkah that broke the baby's fall was located in the building's courtyard and was empty at the time of the incident. At around 5 pm the baby's parents heard screaming and rushed downstairs after realizing that their infant son was not in the apartment.
Frontier justice would demand that both parents be thrown out (er... can I say defenestrated?) from the same window. But, seeing as there is a limited supply of miracles, let them be...

Another miracle, in quite another area of human endeavor, happened in London:
The campaign for an academic boycott of Israel has ended today in an absolute and final political, legal and moral defeat. The University and College Union’s (UCU) own lawyers advised it that a policy to exclude academics who work in Israel from the global academic community – and to exclude nobody else on the planet - would have been a violation of equal opportunities legislation in Britain.
Of course, the Elders would vastly prefer the story to end with a bang rather than with a whimper. Meaning that the boycott idea should have been put to the direct ballot by the UCU members, where it would have painfully expired, instead of being put asleep by a gentle injection of legal poisons. But you cannot have it all, it appears.

And regarding this concern of David Hirsch:
Some boycotters will persist even after their boycott has been widely recognized, morally, legally and politically, as a counterproductive and racist proposal.
No worries. Let's have the list, and our trained mind control teams will get on their case, one by one. After that they shall all look and talk like this one:

And everything will be just peachy.