09 May 2007

V is for Vendetta, V is for Vengeance

And of course, the vengeance is His(Hers), as it is clearly illustrated by this case:

A man found trapped unconscious beneath a 1,000-pound tombstone in a cemetery faces charges and might have to pay for damages, police said. Michael David Schreiber's legs were broken by the stone, and the family name on the gravestone left the letter "V" imprinted on his thigh, Merrillville Officer Ray Smith said.

Schreiber, 22, of Merrillville faces charges of criminal trespassing, criminal mischief and public intoxication, police said. He also might be ordered to pay for damage to 14 headstones, Police Chief Nicholas Bravos said. Estimated damage totaled about $8,400, Bravos said.
Well, Mike, next time you decide to to go on a bender, try not to wrestle tombstones. Unless you have a good theological reason for doing so, man.

Still, I cannot understand the following:
He said it took five officers to remove the headstone from Schreiber's body Sunday morning at Calumet Park Cemetery.
Wouldn't it have been simpler all around just to cover the fresh body with dirt and be done with the whole story? Might have saved a lot of paperwork to everybody concerned...