21 May 2007

My humble apologies all around

My dear readers, all five or six of you: I must apologize for a post that was published an hour or so ago, while the ink is still drying.

In this unfortunate and unforgivable post, titled "Hamas - redefining chutzpa", I have tried to show that Hamas is the leader in the chutzpa business of our days. And I could not have been more wrong.

And this, I have to confess, comes from my laziness and lack of attention to the Guardian, my favorite source of adrenalin. And here it comes - pure, unadulterated chutzpa, the likes of which are not yet discovered by the eggheads:

The Palestinian president, Mahmoud Abbas, today urged the US to ask Israel to halt its military escalation. Mr Abbas made his appeal as Israeli aircraft struck Gaza for a second day running. The Palestinian Wafa news agency said it had come in a phone call to the US secretary of state, Condoleezza Rice. He was quoted by Wafa as asking Ms Rice "to stop the Israeli military escalation against our people and continue their efforts to push the peace process forward".
Do you see now how wrong I have been? And I must offer my profuse apologies to the good folks of Hamas.


But... on the other hand... let me have another take...

After all, what is Mr Abbas saying? Only that the cruel Zionists interfere with the birthright of his Hamas brethren in Gaza to lob Qassams at their neighbors on the other side of the border. Doesn't it make sense? Let's read this again: "to stop the Israeli military escalation against our people and continue their efforts to push the peace process forward". Doesn't it mean, in fact that we, the Zionists, are hindering the rocket scientists' effort to push the peace process forward?

I believe that I must apologize before the good old Mr Abbas too. It is the IDF, the bloodthirsty IDF that interferes after all, and not Mr Abbas who does not give a flying donut about the Qassams, if truth be told. Now it is crystal clear to me.

Or is it?

After all, IDF does what Hamas wants it to do, namely providing Hamas an opportunity to play out the Green Helmet scenario in Gaza and to show to the world that unspeakable cruelty of... but we have been there already.

So - my apologies are extended to IDF as well. But I am in a quandary now. Aside of me, Hamas, Abbas and IDF, who is left to blame? Could is possibly be me?

It could, I am afraid, but I shall leave it for now and go get a nap. It will be another day tomorrow .

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