12 May 2007

The meaning of playing fair

Police in Florida were embarrassed when a driver with no arms and just one leg lost them in a high-speed chase - again. Officers say the driver was Michael Wiley, 40, who overcame three amputations and taught himself to drive with stumps. He has since become one of Pasco County's most prolific traffic offenders, reports the St Petersburg Times.

A police officer in New Port Richey, Miami, says he spotted Wiley in a suspicious vehicle - a blue Ford Explorer - outside a convenience store. When the officer went to investigate, the Explorer took off, leading police on an eight minute chase before losing its pursuers.
The lesson here is obvious: New Port Richey policemen are not real sports. They do not understand the meaning of fair play.

To make the playing field level, we'll be sending an operative with a chainsaw to New Port Richey.