04 May 2007

Say it again, please?

The early hours (till 11:00 AM, say) a person must wait till the caffeine and the nicotine start to do whatever they do to person's bloodstream before a person reads sentences like this one:

Peretz says he acted 'wisely' during war

OK, so a person does a regular double take, takes a deep breath and tries again:
Defense Minister Amir Peretz on Sunday praised his handling of last summer's war with Hizbullah as having been "logical and wise."
Fine. The situation did not become clearer. There is a definite need to sort out that unqualified "he".

Get up. Do some calisthenics. Another cigarette. Another coffee. Try again.

No, it is still unclear. Knock head on wall for a while. Chew the keyboard.

Now what?

In related news:

Peretz is inspecting what he was told is a new super-secret jet fighter.