16 May 2007

A simple explanation

George Szirtes says:

Here we go again. This time William Leith serving as happy doormat. Case: the world is in a terrible state. That is, you will understand, 100% men's fault. They are guilty - 100% - of everything that is bad and deserve credit for nothing that is good. 100%. The implication - more or less articulated - is the sooner they are exterminated the better.
Dunno. I wouldn't be judging the poor guy so harshly. Granted, it was quite some time ago, but I do distinctly remember that degrading and denigrating self was as good a maneuver as any other to get into a person's pants. Not that it worked all the time, though. But what did?

And generally speaking, doormats were pretty high in the hierarchy at the time...