18 May 2007

From Russia with mixed feelings - part II

Fortunately, the famous Russian sense of humor lent the procession some festive spirit.

"The kike dog on the throne", proclaims the placard, referring obviously to Putin's head on the dog's body. Poor Vladimir Vladimirovich, now he seem to be outed too! And the next one brings more clarity to the issue:

"Putin - a Jew via his mother", explains it, referring to an article by B. Beresovsky (the Jewish, albeit converted to Christianity, oligarch that resides in London and does not like Putin very much). "According to Israeli law - a pure Jew", it adds at the bottom, displaying a total confusion between the Judaic laws and Israel, which is not very surprising. The white-on-red text in the background adds some fuel to he conflagration: "Russia is not for Russian retards".

The yarmulke - equipped Putin in the center keeps his left hand on four books: Constitution (obviously Russian, since Israel does not have one yet), Talmud, Cabala and Shulhan Aruch (the main book of Jewish Halachic laws). That is to drive the point in for the most obtuse, obviously.

Now come and tell me it wasn't fun!