21 May 2007

Hamas - redefining chutzpa

Noun: chutzpa

(Yiddish) unbelievable gall; insolence; audacity

This word is used quite widely in United States, and usually quite correctly. These days Hamas is giving this word a dimension of its own, pushing the envelope in a way hitherto undreamed of.

It was easy to see the first goal Hamas pursued by starting to pummel Israel by Qassams nine or ten days ago: turning attention from the internecine feud and killing. Instead of being seen by their own and by the whole world more clearly for what they are, which is bloody gang of murderous fanatics, Hamas has decided to switch the attention to the trick they do best, which is a) provoke Israel into action and b) start playing victims.

Hamas already succeeded in the distraction exercise, it is not for nothing that their regular cheerleaders of Indy have to mention this:

Other recent truces have been short-lived but Hamas spokesman Fawzi Barhoum said he expected this one to stick because of Israel's military action. "No one would accept to fight one another while the Israelis are shelling Gaza," he said.
(As a side remark, the article that is the source of this quote is titled Israeli jets strike 'Hamas targets' in Gaza. Notice the quotation marks - after all, it is known that the only target these bloodthirsty Israelis have is little defenseless children...)

Now the next step of Hamas leaders is to heat up the rhetorics in the hope that the other side will get sufficiently mad to step up the attacks. See how it is done:
A senior Hamas figure in Gaza was quoted Monday as urging Palestinian factions to "continue to fight the Jews until the last of them is gone from Palestine." In an interview with Hamas Television quoted on Israel Radio, Nizar Riyan, a leading member of the Islamic group's political wing, said: "It is a definite decision within the organization that Israel will be removed from the map, to be replaced by a Palestinian state."
What would be the sense in declaring a goal that could not be possibly achieved by this gang and not a single one of them believes in? Very simple: as the attacks by IDF escalate, the chances of innocent bystanders being hit grow exponentially. And the bloody ghouls of Hamas just pray for more blood of their own kin, using every innocent victim to the best of their considerable PR ability.

In fact, the exploitation of the merest photo op has already started, here it comes:

A Palestinian man reacts as the injured and dead are brought to hospital following an IAF missile strike in Gaza City, Sunday.
Photo: AP

Does it look familiar? Don't worry, your friendly and responsive reporters from AP, Reuters, BBC and others are ready to bring you more on the horrors and Israeli atrocities. Not that there were that many of them in Sderot lately.

But on the other hand - unlike IDF, the Qassam rocket scientists could not care less where their sewage pipes fall, so if I were a journalist I would think twice before deciding in favor of Sderot over Gaza.

So - expect in a few days, if not sooner, the first headlines on the Israeli high tech cruelty, disproportional use of violence, blah blah blah ad infinitum.

Just don't try to say: "but they started it!" Waste of time...

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