20 May 2007

No worries, normal services to be resumed

Anyone who sees the picture above will definitely agree that the person depicted is an owner of a major sense of humor. The face clearly shows a man who knows his joke and has delivered quite a few good ones. Of course, being a diplomat cannot but encourage the development of that sense.

Iranian foreign minister Manouchehr Mottaki (yes, it's his mug) recently proved that ability. This time the joke was delivered in two parts, separated by a few days of uncertainty and doubt.

Part 1

"Every primary school student knows that it is not possible to remove a country from the map and that is very clear," he told a conference in Jordan when asked about Ahmadinejad's controversial remarks. "We are not talking about the invasion of any country," he said. He added that Iran believed that "without justice" no peace plan would end the Palestinian-Israeli conflict.
This quote caused not a little confusion in the ranks of political luminaries, especially the ones that firmly believed that Ahmydinnerjacket threats are serious. Of course, the quote also caused a celebration in the circles of we-told-you-Iran-is-good-guys limp-wristed peaceniks. In any case, there was some considerable stirring everywhere.

Part 2
( a few days later)
Iran's foreign minister said on Saturday he had referred to the Palestinians, not Israel , when he said a nation could not be removed from the map, the official IRNA news agency said.
So, you see, the joke was on all of you, if you tried to take the joker seriously to start with. And I can imagine the laughs our joker shared with Ahmydinnerjacket afterwards.

Of course, the above mentioned limp-wristed crowd will find a way to translate the whole story into something palatable. In a few more days, take my word for it.

Otherwise - the situation is back to normal. Take it easy.