02 May 2007

Azmi Bishara - heads or tails?

Just a few days ago I have preached here for patience regarding the case against this character.

And today we already have a spate of newsflashes regarding the case.

The gag order on the allegations made against former Knesset Member Azmi Bishara was lifted on Wednesday, three weeks after rumors began circulating regarding the investigation against him.

According to suspicions, Bishara contacted a Hizbullah official during last summer's war in Lebanon gave him information on strategic locations in Israel, aiding the Shiite organization in firing rockets at these destinations. Bishara allegedly received hundreds of thousands of shekels in exchange for this information.
Sounds serious, and if only half-proven, will get our hero some quality time in a nick (but he has to return to Israel first, which is difficult to see in the near future). But of course, it is up to the court to decide. Meanwhile, this is so much hot air.

Then we have the first responses:

“As a former military official who is familiar with the field, I cannot see, technically, how Bishara could have pointed out Israeli targets for Hizbullah,” said MK Ran Cohen (Meretz-Yahad) on Wednesday.

Cohen commented on reports of the allegations brought against former MK Azmi Bishara, and called on him to return to Israel to explain his position.
With all due respect to the former "military official" - ah, what the heck, he is too full of it.

Hadash Chairman MK Mohammad Barakeh, responded to the accusations published Wednesday against Balad Chairman Dr Azmi Bishara: "It has already been proved that the incitement created by the Shin Bet is nothing more than a mole hill."

"The Arab public knew in the past and will know how to fight the incitement of the security establishment and its political branches," said Barakeh.
How about the incitement to fight the establishment, MK Barakeh? One of these days...

And to provide an appropriate background to everything above:

"This commission has determined, once and for all, the issue of victory and defeat. There are those in Israel who say that they won and those who say they lost. The commission has determined they lost. There are over 100 occurrences of the word defeat in the report. That is the result," he said.
Aside of the fact that Nasrallah got the report at the same time as all Israeli VIPs, the rest of the information quoted in this post seems to be neither here nor there.

Or, in other words: so much crap.

Let's wait more.