06 May 2007

So what?

Somebody is making a big production of the story about 100 license-less bus drivers in Palermo (that's not in Israel, but quite close, in Sicily, and there is a lot in common between the places).

So some people in the city council decided to take care of their relatives. What's so special in it? What will the world come to if people suddenly decided that they will not take care of their nearest and dearest anymore, I ask you?

But this is not the issue here, the issue that some scoop-sniffing journo is trying to sell is the fact that the drivers in question do not have this funny piece of paper (or plastic, as the case may be) that entitles them to drive. Like the fact that the deity produces Italian males driving-ready is not sufficient to reject the whole story as a pitiful attempt to create a scoop where no possibility of such scoop exists.

100 license-less drivers... Big deal. What about 120 clue-less elected representatives of the people who manage our affairs?